bridgette + donovan

what a dreamy day. I was very excited about this wedding! Bridgette initially contacted me right after we moved to Europe & I wasn't sure if I would be back in time to do their wedding. Months later I contacted her again & they still hired me! I think it was serendipitous really. 

Everything about working with these two was a dream & you can tell by the photos. I love the mauve accents in the florals. It was the perfect balance of classic & modern. 

CHEERS to you Bridgette + Donovan & happy one month today! 

cassie + eric

This was one of my last weddings of 2016, before we moved to France + let me tell you it was a wonderful end of the season. Cassie was such a blast to work with- so easy going + fun. Their reception at Union/Pine was a dream land. They thought of every single detail + it was incredible. We covered the bar with probably 20 pounds of hops, they were so lush and beautiful. Another favorite part of the day was the head table. We covered the center with greens, pomegranates, purple artichokes + various found items. It was such a lush + lovely fall piece. This day was so perfect, it was featured on Junebug, check it out here!

Photos by: Olivia Strohm Photography

camille + daniel

Portland can be such a teeny tiny world. Though I've never met Camille or Daniel my family is friends with both their extended families and they are just as delightful. Working with Camille + her mom on the florals were a dream- fave mom award!! The wedding was at Youngberg + the soft white florals were the perfect compliment to the setting. 

Camille planned perfect details for her big day including the wrap on her bouquet. Along with the ribbons were pieces of her mother's + grandmother's wedding dresses to hold close to her. it's the little details like this that make my heart sing. 

What a wonderful wedding it was- a true joyful celebration just as a wedding should be. Congratulations Camille + Daniel!! 

Photos by: Olivia Strohm Photography

ellen + nolan

This day was a parrrrttttyyyyyy. Hosted in Ellen's childhood backyard this wedding was one for the books. Ellen + Nolan are the most generous, loving + welcoming humans evident in their bridal party of over 30 people. Definitely b + i's biggest wedding to date. The girls wore cream + the boys neutrals as well, thus the flowers had such a beautiful impact. My favorite part were the the zinnias, so beautiful + in so many colors. Ellen + Nolan this huge celebration was fitting for a couple of big-hearted folks like you! 

Photos by: Olivia Strohm Photography

katie + nic

What a perfect. hot. august day. First of all, I have to give props to Katie. She is one of my dear friends cousins + she requested I do her flowers before b + i was even established yet. So it's thanks to her I've made it to where I am today. Katie was a gorgeous bride, inside + out. The ceremony at Door of Hope was lovely with a reception at Really Big Video, what a cool blank canvas for a florist. Thanks for taking a chance on me Katie!

Photos by: Nicole Mason Photography

My very first POP-UP

Wow. This POP-UP was so fun. I had it at the Arrangement in NE Portland. It is a shop that's dear to my heart, in the neighborhood where I grew up and my mom worked there for years. It was a grey day but it didn't start raining until right after we sold out. How lucky is that?! One of the biggest blessings of the day was having my sweet friend Olivia come take some photos for me! Yes, you do see her all over this blog and I am sure that will continue. That's because we are the wedding power duo (by that I mean she is way more experienced than I am but she graciously lets me pretend to be her side-kick sometimes).

I am so excited to share some of these beautiful photos. Thanks for reading!

Saije & Matt

Saije and Matt got married on a calm, grey day in La Push, WA. There was something so sweet and innocent about their day & I absolutely loved being a part of it. My friend and talented photographer, Olivia Strohm & I drove up for the day & we were so pleasantly surprised with what we found. One of my favorite parts about a wedding are the little details that so reflect the personality of the couple & this day was full of just that. Also, I have to admit I was stoked about the flower crown when I learned that Saije has such beautiful red hair. 

Here are a few of my favorites from that day:

A Day with Michele and Eva

A good friend of mine, Eva asked me to do a collaboration with her and I said ABSOLUTELY because she is an amazing baker (check out Elizabeth Oliver Baking) & yes! I did get to take home the cake. Michele, a college friend joined us for this sunny adventure in Volunteer park and took these amazing pictures for us! I have to say, I have been so pleasantly surprised by all the talented and encouraging women I have come across in this industry!