katie + nic

"Amy is such a joy to work with! When I contacted her about flowers for my wedding, she set up a meeting and let me show her my endless Pinterest board filled with ideas and inspiration. Like most brides, I’d spent months obsessing over every detail of our wedding day, and unlike most brides I’m sure, was very controlling. I had my hands in every detail until the day of, except for flowers. It felt so good to turn them over to Amy and stop worrying! On our wedding day, I was floored when I arrived at the ceremony space and saw my vision come to life – only better! Amy has a knack for taking unique, unconventional plants and turning them into living works of art. If you’re looking for natural, loose floral arrangements, Amy’s your girl! She’s also great at working with a budget and is willing to forage and find creative, alternative blooms to create exactly what you’re dreaming of at a price point you’re comfortable with. There is not enough good I can say about brier + ivy!"



camille + daniel

"From the very first meeting, all the way to our wedding day, Amy was an absolute joy to work with. We communicated our hopes and dreams with her, and she was able to take our vision and turn it into something even more amazing than we could have imagined. Her calm spirit, along with her willingness and passion to create the perfect florals for our special day allowed us to relax and trust that everything would come together as we hoped. We also appreciated the fact that Amy was happy to work within our budget, making the entire experience that much more pleasant. We are blessed to be able to look back on our wedding day and remember the many ways that Amy's beautiful talents graced our venue. "

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sam + alex

"Amy’s artistic ability and eye for putting together gorgeous floral arrangements is incredible. The photos of her work speak for themselves and they’re so much better in person. But working with Amy during the months leading up to our wedding were equally as wonderful. She offered amazing ideas and was willing to listen as I rambled on, trying to explain some odd little flower that I’d seen once that I was desperate to include in our arrangements. (Which of course she found and made the focal point of my bouquet!) She speaks the floral language, knows what’s in season and how to most effectively get what you want with a budget, and she is amazing at transforming very abstract ideas into the most beautiful arrangements that are a perfect reflection of the bride and groom’s style. She’s amazing, folks!"


cassie + eric

"Amy was so amazing to work with. She understood my vision perfectly, her pricing was so reasonable, and our conversations completely put me at ease. After meeting with her, I never worried about our florals again, which was such a blessing during our busy planning stages! And once it came to the wedding day, I was completely blown away by the beauty and scale of what she created. I couldn't believe it was my wedding I was walking into. It was honestly more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!!"